Change in partner in corporate management

Astrid Lohmann-Lehmkuhl completely takes over the business

Halle, Westphalia. 03 May 2016 Astrid Lohmann-Lehmkuhl (47) has established the HAKU Fertigungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Halle with effect from 1st May. Thus, the graduate business administrator takes over the full responsibility for employees, job orders and production systems of HAKU GmbH in Halle.

The industrial plant with 30 employees for high quality turned- and milled parts, domiciled in Halle (Westphalia), knows Astrid Lohmann-Lehmkuhl very well. It is because she has been involved in developing the company in the past twelve years. Alexander Lehmkuhl (49) has left due to a private as well as professional reorientation after end of April.

The change at the top management taking place at the beginning of the month ensures an important supplier for the customers: HAKU is among a small circle of the only five companies worldwide that are able to produce complex assemblies such as very small ball bearings made of plastic. The company in Halle also supply parts and assemblies, in which parts made of copper or brass are integrated in addition to stainless steels of all kinds. Such exotic manufacturing technology is used both in the office equipment as well as in the aerospace industry.

In competition, HAKU scores with reliability and agility. Astrid Lohmann-Lehmkuhl: “Our customers appreciate, for example, that we are able to produce a rarely required spare part in a very short period in the highest quality and are able to deliver at any place on earth.” HAKU is also a valued development partner, when it comes to production of components for prototypes. The high quality expectations secure flexible employees, who can bring all their experience in a state of the art computer-controlled machinery park.

One goal of the change in leadership is to strengthen and expand the international customer base. Supported by Paul Zurmühlen in processing and sales as well as Christof Mojsa in engineering, Astrid Lohmann-Lehmkuhl is focussing on inspiring more top clients for the assembly- and prototype production. “Many standard orders and large series for simple turned- and milled parts go traditionally to low-wage countries. The market for the sophisticated parts production will however continue to require the special skills of German high-tech workers.” Astrid Lohmann Lehmkuhl also sees many opportunities in the future for her small but highly specialised factory in Halle.


HAKU-Team 052016
Astrid Lohmann-Lehmkuhl (front, centre) is now leading the plastic parts factory of HAKU in Halle with a team of 30 employees in total from the beginning of the month together with the sales representative Paul Zurmühlen (right) and operations manager Christof Mojsa (left).