We take on everything for our customers, from procurement of raw materials and semi-finished goods to shipping. This includes production, organization of various surface treatments, assembly and finishing, packaging, and shipping of our products. In many cases we ship directly to the end customer.

We often ship products that are fully packaged and labeled with the customer’s labels for direct warehousing.

CNC machining

Our CNC machining centers can process any material you need, from plastics to metal and non-ferrous to materials with low machinability, such as heat-resistant or acid-resistant components.
Our qualified employees have great experience in machining all kinds of materials. The specific properties of plastics, for example, have a significant influence on their machinability. We handle such challenges successfully every day.


Here is a list of our machines:

1 x CNC Lathe OKUMA LU 3000 M2SC 600
Stangendurchlass bis 104 mm Durchmesser, größter Drehdurchmesser: 340 mm; 12 x angetriebene Werkzeuge   

1 x CNC Lathe OKUMA LCC 15
Stock clearance up to 56 mm diameter, IEMCA stock magazine 3000 mm, largest turning diameter: 250 mm

2 x CNC lathe OKUMA LU 15M
Stock clearance up to 72 mm diameter, IEMCA stock magazine 1000 mm, largest turning diameter: 320 mm, 12 x powered tools

1 x CNC Lathe OKUMA LU 300
Stock clearance up to 72 mm diameter largest turning diameter: 320 mm, 12 x powered tools

1 x CNC lathe OKUMA LB 300
Stock clearance up to 80 mm diameter, IEMCA stock magazine 1000 mm, largest turning diameter: 320 mm, 12 x powered tools

1 x CNC 5-axis-machining center Hedlius RS505 K 18 Magnum
X = 1250/420mm, largest turning: 1800 mm
Y=510/315 mm
Z=480 mm

1 x CNC machining center OKUMA M560 V
X = 1030 mm y = 430 mm z = 520 mm

1 x CNC machining center OKUMA 400 HA
X = 500 mm y = 600 mm z=520 mm

1 x Automatic band saw KASTOtwin AE 3 300 mm x 300 mm
Max. length 6000 mm

1 x Thread rolling machine
Up to Ø 30 mm

Various machine tools for metalworking

Machine list Download


We are a certified weld shop. Because our employees are qualified, we are able to do welding jobs from the size of the tip of a needle to tools as big as a mid-range car, up to larger structures and systems.

It makes no difference whether the job is new constructions, repair, single lots or series production, or high-tech products. We are certified as a manufacturer under DIN EN ISO 1090.


We use the following welding systems:

TIG – Migatronic Delta 160 DC HP
WIG-Schweissanlage für alle Schweißungen von z.B.: Werkzeugstahl, Baustahl, Edelstahl, Titan, etc.

MIG – MAG Migatronic Sigma 300/Impulse system
Welding system with rotary table for all welds (including manual) for all weldable materials (including aluminum)

MIG – MAG Jäckle MIG 300 E
For all welds, including: tool steel, structural steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc.

Vibratory and barrel finishing

Barrel finishing with grinding tools provides a gentle finishing process and fine surface for tools (including turned parts, machined parts, saw cuts, punchings, stampings) made of steel, aluminum, sheet metal, or plastics. We stock all of the most common grinding tools, sizes, and shapes. Surface treatment with vibratory finishing can achieve various goals: deburring, polishing, matting, grinding, rounding off. Our Uyar vibratory finishing unit can process both large and small batches. Upon customer request, we can provide surface roughness inspection with documentation.

Finish 01 Trowalisierungsanlage


Innovative materials and intelligent machines have nearly limitless capabilities. With our expertise we are always in touch with the latest trends, and together with our customers we find practical solutions for any applications.